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There is a reason Superfoods to be called this way!

They offer a lot of nutritional benefits, harmonize your body, and benefit your overall health. With us you will find Superfoods and amazing Mixes, which combine the most nutritious foods from all over the world. They provide all the essential vitamins and minerals you will need for a happy and healthy lifestyle!

Our Sets


Greetings! Today I recieved the package and I immeditely tried everything! The products are incredibe! Thank you for the surprise, I will for sure order again!

— Nina Atanasova

Incredible quality! Perfect touch to all the details! I definitely recommend!

— Yoni from @healthywithyoni

When quality products are mixed up with good attitude and positive energy, there s no way to not getting back to them. There arre what Forest of Herbs products are! This is why they became my favorite product in the kitchen!

— Diana from @polka_dot_kitchen

Amazing products which create a yummy and colorful dessert! I finnaly understand that healthy can be tasty!

— Dimitrina Kamenova

I prepared 3 recipes with the Blue Spirulina Powder, because I couldnt wait!

— Nely from @nellypavvlova

Thank you for the amazing products!

— Tanya from @tasty_with_tania

Special qualities of our products

Freeze drying process

This process preserves all the useful substances of the product.

Natural Products

Тhey are a completely pure gift from the earth, made with care, sustainability and love.

Vibrant color

Thanks to all the antioxidants your Superfoods have a bright color which will turn your food into art.

Easy consummation

Thanks to the powder form they can be added in any food of your choice.

Only one ingredient

Our superfoods are made out of only one ingredient without any additives or artificial flavours!

Rich in antioxidants

The high levels of antioxidants boost your immunity and energy levels up to the sky.

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