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Bring the pastells in your diet!

Blue and Green Matcha? You probably have heard only about Green Matcha or never have heard about Matcha before? Well get excited, because we got some interesting facts and bomb refreshing recipes for you! Let’s start with a brief introduction first! Blue Matcha is the so-called superfood Butterfly Pea. No, don’t worry it’s nothing regarding butterflies, but it’s beautiful like them! Butterfly Pea is a flower, native to Thailand. It’s popular like a tea or in the form of Matcha Latte, but not with coffee, but better and healthier! And Matcha is our favorite WHOLE green tea leaves! Just imagine the BOMB of antioxidants you will get! Keep up, it is getting better!


Butterfly Pea is a pretty blue flower! It has been used in Thailand in the form of a tea, since many years. The health benefits it has for you are incredible! We call it the “BEAUTY DRINK". It has amazing benefits for your skin and has a great anti-aging effect and helps with the regeneration of the skin due to the HUGE number of antioxidants! Thanks to the bioflavonoids it has, this superfood will improve the health of your hair and stimulate its growth! It also has a stress relief effect and is the best boost for your energy and immunity! So, make a switch with your morning coffee and add this magical ingredient to

your morning drink! You will love it for sure! Let's move on to one of our FAVES! Green is always a good idea, so with our Matcha you will hit the JACKPOT!


This incredible superfood will boost your energy up to the sky! You know for sure how healthy green tea is and how it is in every diet plan, well here we don’t want you to diet, but we want to gift you with the MAXIMUM of nutrition our planet has to offer! This is the reason our matcha is made from the WHOLE green tea leaves, grinded into powder, so just imagine the NUTRITION you will deliver to your body!


So, what to do for a perfect morning? Grab a buddy make a GREEN and BLUE matcha, get your energy up and go on an adventure!