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Hormonal Imbalance! A womans triggering topic.

Probably almost everyone has experienced hormonal imbalance, due to a lot of factors. Some of them may be: not eating enough, not sleeping enough, too much stress, overtraining, eating only bad food and this list can go on and on. Hormones have profound effects on your mental, physical and emotional health. These chemical messengers play a major role in controlling your appetite, weight and mood, among other things. Is this something you have experienced or are experiencing at the moment? If the answer is YES, read on! Did you know that a nutritious diet, adding superfood powders to your everyday life and other healthy lifestyle behaviors may help improve your hormonal health and make you feel and perform your best? So, what are some natural ways you can cure your hormonal imbalance? We got them for you!


EAT ENOUGH PROTEIN! - Consuming enough protein is extremely important. Protein provides essential amino acids that your bodycan’t make on its own and must be consumed every day in order tomaintain muscle, bone and skin health. Also, protein influences the release of hormones that control appetite! Did you know that our Blue Spirulina has a bunch of protein, without any calories! Amazing right?


DON’T OVERTRAIN! - A lot of women think that only training 1,2 or even 3 hours of cardio will help them getting in shape. It may happen in a short period of time, but the consequences may be harmful for your hormones. Your body will be stressed and if you are not gifting it with the correct fuel, you will be tired, moody and in a hormonal imbalance. Instead start regular exercise, switch it up and don’t do only cardio, try every form and stick to what makes you happy! Did you know that a lot of our superfood powder will help you with endurance, boosting your metabolism and energizing your body! Some of them are – Beetroot Powder, Blue Spirulina Powder, Brownie Kiss Mix and Greenlight Mix!


LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR STRESS! - Stress can have a bad impact on your hormones. Two major hormones affected by stress are cortisol and adrenaline, which is also called epinephrine. Cortisol is known as “the stress hormone” because it helps your body cope with stress over the long term. Adrenaline is the “fight-or-flight” hormone that helps your body respond to immediate danger. These hormones are triggered by people’s busy, often overwhelming lifestyles. Unfortunately stress causes cortisol levels to increase, which can lead to overeating and increased belly fat. Did you know that our superfood powder Indian Summer has an anti-stress effect?


GET ENOUGH SLEEP! No matter how nutritious your diet is and how much exercise you get, your health will suffer if you don’t get enough restorative sleep. Poor sleep has been linked to imbalances of many hormones, including insulin, cortisol, leptin and so on! Did you know that adding Butterfly Pea powder, Indian Summer or Mango powder to your everyday food intake, your stress will lower and your quality of sleep will improve?


ADD SUPERFOOD POWDERS TO YOUR DIET! - Superfood powders have a variety of health benefits for your overall health! They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which will gift you with balance and harmony, increase your immunity and benefit your overall health! One more thing – your mood! They have pretty, vibrant colors, which will make you smile every time you eat!