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How Forest of Herbs started?

I am a wild soul and travelling is my pure passion. My heart has been touched by every exotic destination I have visited. This world we have is overflowing with places that offer something like a miracle for me and yes, literally a miracle – read along and you will find out why!

So how it all started and how Forest of Herbs was born? Long years ago. The concept was born in my mind and I immediately wanted to turn it into a reality. But this isn’t something you can do overnight. Days, months and even
years went by until everything was finalized, my goal and my mission. My mission was to gather all the incredible superfoods our planet has to offer, which I have personally touched, seen, tasted and felt and my goal is to deliver them with all their health benefits to you. And it wasn’t that easy. I wanted the best
top-quality superfoods. I travelled, searched and studied and here they are – all in our wide Forest of Herbs collection.

I have a lot of ambitions in life and they never stop. But to see and feel all the magic our world has to offer is one of the biggest one. After a lot of hard work, my busy lifestyle took a toll on me and health issues were starting to take over. I needed to take a hard decision and as a warrior by soul, I fought and the best decision I took was to try the best cure ever there can be – Superfoods. I travelled through every little destination Asia has to offer and believe me, there are places that you can literally feel the magic. I incorporated all the different superfoods, fought and won. This was the moment I realized that
what I accomplished, could be spread all around the world in order to help everyone battling their own battle, starting their health journey, living a balanced lifestyle and enjoying every precious moment life has to offer.

This is why I choose these superfoods for you. Every color has its marvelous health benefits and they all hold the best key to open the door where you will find your best weapon to enjoying life to the fullest in a healthy body and mind – BALANCE.