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How too much toxins can cause damage and stop weight loss?

Toxins are a big factor in getting the weight off and if they are too much, they can make it very difficult. Fat cells crammed with toxic compounds don’t function very well. These malfunctioning cells often over-release leptin, which burns out receptors, leading to leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that regulates eating and fat burning. Leptin resistance tells our bodies that we need more food and need to store more fat even when there’s plenty of it stockpiled away. This drive to overeat makes losing pounds problematic, especially if the body keeps insisting on hoarding more fat at the same time. 

Even without leptin resistance, if high toxin levels are still entering the body while we’re desperately trying to lose weight through healthy diet changes and exercise, our body will still continue to combine these toxins with fat and stow them away in cells where they do less damage. We may be burning through old stores, but the body keeps making new ones. This is why it is important to eliminate toxin sources before trying to lose weight. 

Losing weight comes with setbacks in and of itself. Dropping pounds and inches means releasing and burning fat stores, which can flood the system with toxins that had been previously locked away. This toxic torrent into our system slows down the weight loss process, is one of the causes of weight loss plateaus, and can lead to a yo-yo effect as the body responds to the onslaught by filling fat cells over and over as we rerelease stored poisons time and time again. 

You can manage your weight loss if you are smart about what you eat, how active you are, and how many toxins you remove from your life. You don’t have to go big. Start small, but start today. Our bodies are clever, well-organized machines prepared for a multitude of external and internal attacks from many sources. Add our DETOX superfood powders to your diet and give yourself a little help. Our Matcha and Greenlight Powder are the best DETOX superfood powders, which will cleanse your body, flush out the toxins, boost metabolism, energy, immunity and benefit your weight loss journey!