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Magic Blue Spirulina

New to superfoods? Blue Spirulina! The exotic powder in magical blue is not only Instagram-compatible - it also scores with some health benefits and now makes Matcha, Acai and Co. serious competition. From a strong immune system to radiantly beautiful skin: we reveal what the new algae powder really can do.


Also known is the smurf blue powder under the name "Magic Blue", which is an extract of the Spirulina blue-green algae Arthrospira platensis. Algae are usually associated with a green hue, but the bright blue of Spirulina powder is created by the natural dye phycocyanin or blue majik. By means of gentle cold extraction - comparable to the cold pressing of fresh juices - this is obtained from the Spirulina platensis, which grows primarily in salty waters.


Health benefits from the vegan food supplement in several ways. The Spirulina blue-green algae is considered to be one of the most nutritious foods. Even NASA is said to rely on their extracts for astronaut food. And these are the most important effects as well as all valuable ingredients of the Spirulina algae.


Protein source

The blue green algae is an important supplier of high-quality, vegetable proteins. The content is about three times that of fish or poultry. The superfood is therefore the ideal nutritional supplement for people who eat vegan. And: The plant-based protein bomb is also interesting for people with fitness problems, because Spirulina algae promote muscle growth.



The high protein content of Spirulina algae fills you up for a long time and prevents cravings. The low-calorie blue powder of the algae therefore optimally supports you in losing weight.



Immune and energy boosters

The alga has a high content of beta-carotene - which the body converts to vitamin A - and vitamin C. Both vitamins are powerful antioxidants and boost our immune system. The blue-green algae is also rich in vitamin B12. The valuable nutrient in a duet with a high proportion of iron contributes to blood formation and supports the normal function of energy metabolism.


Anti-Aging Effect

The blue-green algae have a rejuvenating effect: antioxidants protect the skin from cell damage caused by free radicals. This effect makes the Spirulina algae a natural anti-aging agent against wrinkles.


Hydrating Effect

The alga contains all nine essential amino acids. The protein building blocks keep the skin supple, strengthen it, moisturize and reduce signs of aging. There are also unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, which enhance the Spirulina effect.


Increased cell regeneration

The absorption of chlorophyll stimulates blood formation, which increases the oxygen supply to the human body. The positive effect: the cells regenerate faster and the skin appears healthy, firm and radiant.


So don't miss out on one of the most nutrient-dense SUPERFOODS on this planet!