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Welcome to Forest of Herbs

Our desire to help others inspired us to establish Forest of Herbs. We dreamed of offering the absolute best products, causing us to take a trip around the world.


Our travels were motivated by our goal to find the planet’s best herbs and foods. We personally tested many different options before formulating our special products that boost the health of our customers.

We know the extra effort was worth it. And we think you will agree, once you take a look at our collection of superfoods.

How our products are made?

FREEZE DRYING ", or in the form of an EXTRACT! Washed, and carefully sorted out, before turning into powder, they have been harvested in industrial free zones and are completly pure, made out of only one ingredient! These two forms, save all the nutrition these superfoods have to offer and even double them!

For more information check out our


In what can you add them?


Here we have combined one of our favorite recipes to make! Easy, simple and VEGAN, the ingredients in them you probably already have in your pantry! Subscribe to stay tuned with our surprises and pick a recipe to try out at home!

Choose your favorite product and boost your creativity!

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If you have any questions about our products, we will help you.